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Welcome to OMNI 

The insurance you need with payments you can afford.
Omni Insurance Group is proud to specialize in providing reasonably priced auto insurance. 

Low down payments, easy payment plans, and GREAT service.

Omni Insurance Group understands that many of us are simply unable to pay a high down payment to get the auto insurance that is required by law. We can offer you a low down payment and a payment plan that will fit into your budget. We also offer great service in both English and Spanish.

Easy Policy Reinstatements up to 30 Days!

Omni knows that it’s easy to forget to pay your car insurance on time. If that ever happens, simply contact your agent and we can reinstate your policy up to 30 days after cancellation. There will be a lapse in coverage, but you’ll retain ALL your discounts.
Insurance when you need it.
Omni understands that you need coverage now. One of our agents can provide you with proof of insurance in just a few minutes. 

Interested in contacting an Omni agent for a quote?

If you live in one of the states listed below, there is an Omni agent near you. Contact us at 1-800-777-6664 for an agent referral. We look forward to serving you. We are currently writing business in the following states:


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